And the stuff we do…

I needed to talk with…and see the facilities of…a frame & chassis specialty company in downtown Orlando. They have widespread fame among diesel motor coach owners for their ability to bring perfect harmony and driveability to our behemoths. We don’t really have any problems, but we are parked only 75 miles away and I wondered what they might do for us.

So we made a day of it.

Did I mention the chassis shop was 10 miles from Disney? And the weather was sunny and 73?

We quickly did our business (we don’t need the shop now, maybe next year when we’re back here), and headed to Downtown Disney Marketplace.

20130307_172537_aAs we dropped in, Robyn caught the solar eclipse caused by the tethered hot air balloon ride at the park.

We ate on the patio at the Earl of Sandwich, serenaded by Lion King music and entertained by dancing jets of water in the sidewalk. Ross & Ryan were enchanted.

DSC_8389_aThe capper was Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream and hot cocoa! Oh woe, we forgot to shop for Maddie Callender’s “Hazelnut Heaven” dark chocolate candy while we were there….

Just gotta go back.

The pictures below are from Robyn’s morning walk today. The myriad of vines caught her eye, as did The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. There was also the morning fly-by of the noisy Sandhill Cranes. And finally, the sweet hawk getting warmed in the sun’s early rays…

4 thoughts on “And the stuff we do…

  1. Just looked at the two ( little ) pictures at the end of your post… Ahh… two Eagles liken this 🙂
    Glad all is fine with youins

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