Blowin in the wind

We’ve always been respectful of the wind that Florida can provide….I think they’re called hurricanes….and we intend not to be here during that season.

DSC_7744_aBut we had an interesting day yesterday because of the wind. Sunny day but quite cool…we never saw higher than 52…and windyyyyy. Decided to see the Atlantic coastline.

DSC_7776_aThe weird part was that big waves were meeting huge winds blowing almost straight off-shore. You can see how the tops are blown up and back!

Perfectly lovely day, so long as you were looking through car windows as you drove along the beach!

DSC_7884_aWe walked briefly with jackets and down vests.

For being such a day of windy bombast, the sky was so softly colored at sundown….

On the way home, we were detoured by two different grass fires! One shut down I-95 south of Daytona Beach, and one closed our park’s road from the south where we were driving. That was good, because the wind was blowing northwesterly, so our park wouldn’t be getting the smoke.

Eventually got home….to find that a tree between our site and the next one had blown over during the day! Fortunately it blew back between us, and came the closest to threatening the neighbor’s rig. It was all cleaned up when we got back…..

7 thoughts on “Blowin in the wind

  1. Hi Doug and Robyn,

    Your photos and comments about the wind reminds me of when I was there during my boat trip in 2011. I arrived on Feb 17 (no wind), left my boat in a marina to fly home to visit Janet, and then returned on Feb 27. Luckily, when I first arrived back, the wind hadn’t started yet, because my friend and I took a 50-mile bike ride. But then the wind came. When we departed toward St Augustine on March 1, there was a fierce northerly wind. It was so strong and cold, we had to navigate from the lower helm inside the cabin instead of from our usual helm on the flybridge. The wind lasted several more days, as it turned into an easterly. When we had first arrived, my friend drove us on a little tour right out onto the beach, as in your photos. I was surprised they let cars drive out there, since I’d never seen that before. Apparently, they used to hold the Daytona 500 races (in the early days) right out there on that wide, hard-sand beach.
    Have a great time you guys! Yesterday it snowed lightly all day long. Today it’s sunny, but it’s 28 degrees right now. Janet is sub-teaching.

  2. Love the last Picture.  Stay safe!  Don’t blow away.  I fly back to Dayton today.  Should be no problem getting to Dallas.  We shall see about the last leg.


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