Here and there, odds & ends

Whew, we’ve been cut off for days….by some days of rain (who knew Florida could have rain?), by some days where Ryan occupied all our attention with his behaviors, by some days to recover from that, by some days to wash the coach from the top of its roof down to the tires….and wax & polish everything, and days to recover from that!

Still haven’t made it over to the horse events in Ocala. We’ll see…..

DSC_7544_aWe took a scenic route to get groceries one day, and stopped at a state park along the way. Paynes Prairie Preserve, between Ocala and Gainesville.

Hey, that’s where Rich and Laura stayed last year after leaving us in Georgia!

DSC_7557_aRobyn spotted 5 eagles within minutes. Her binoculars reach farther than my lens so I barely caught one.

We passed these trees standing in water with the strange roots.

DSC_7569_aAnd on our way out, we had to wait for a band of turkeys to waddle across the road. It was a great stop!

Some of you probably don’t understand how strange our lives can be. When we stop for groceries, one of us goes in and one of us stays at the car with Ross and Ryan. Often, they take turns walking around the parking lot with us because they benefit from the exercise. That usually leads to a wet diaper.

Hmmm, how to change a diaper in a busy parking lot?

First, park on an outer edge, preferably near some hedge or wall. Then use two open doors to shield a boy standing beside the car and your body blocks the public view. Robyn can change a wet diaper while the boy stands, exposing only one leg at a time.

DSC_7582_aOkayyyyyyyyy, what about a pooper?

This picture shows the aftermath of such an event with Ryan, where he laid on the small tarp we carry. Ross had been changed but still wanted to be out, so Robyn had him stand with the shopping cart….corralled as it was….but he was happy.

Sorry if this was TMI. I did warn you with the title: “…, odds & ends….

On another day trip, we passed a field with these WILD looking cattle! Had to turn around….

Turns out they are Ankole-Watusi, a breed from Africa. That can handle poor quality forage, and derives some cooling from those massive horns!

10 thoughts on “Here and there, odds & ends

  1. Love the cows or what ever pictures, You’re right WAY TO MUCH tmi
    Did you get to the Sinks at Payne’s? Did you hear about the guy who went down with his house yesterday in Tampa? Huge Sink appeared under his house.

    • We arrived so late, we didn’t have much time to look around before dark! Learned later they might have some buffalo there! Yeah, heard about Tampa sink…decided not to park the coach anywhere near there!

      LOVE your eagle photo on fb! Keep looking up….

  2. enjoying your very interesting and informational blog. Really admire what you are doing. Keep up the good work and be well. Have enjoyed visiting with Robyn here in the park (Salt Springs) from time to time. We both walk early! Your November blog gave me the best insight that I have had on texas so far, thanks! it’s in our future plans.
    Ron & Jeri Meyers, Site 64 Salt Springs Campground.

  3. The TMI informs us that living with adult challenged children is not all fun and games. You guys are fantastic parents to those two guys!! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! There sure is a lot more to our lives than just “livin the dream”. Couldn’t even think of tryin without Robyn. It’s her birthday this month, and we celebrate ALL month!

  4. Nope I didn’t like the look of that cattle when I saw them in Texas either.  You could be swingin from a horn easily.   Not TMI for me.  Interesting to know how you can handle such normal things.  Then carry on.  Robyn and Doug!  


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