F-f-f-f-freezing in Florida

Our high today for just a minute was 56! Down to 31 tonight!

I realize the rest of you are much lower, but you’re not in Florida, so you’re supposed to be cold!

Did some driving. Tried to catch an unusual ferry boat just a few miles from our park, but waited 30 minutes to get the operator’s attention on the other side and finally gave up.

Sun came out so we drove to St Augustine. Good idea!

Too cold to walk around, and pretty crowded on a weekend….but we were reminded why we enjoy the city so much, and took mental notes of the places we’ll visit for sure when it’s warmer again in a few days and we come back!

St Augustine is a town that is up close to you. Whether you cross the Bridge of Lions coming into town from the beach or pass the lions on your way out of town toward the beach, everything is almost within arm’s reach. It sure helps to have the Lil Taxi!

We stopped several times so the boys could walk, and one place we chose was in the shadow of the St Augustine Lighthouse. We were tempted to climb the tower, because they’ve restored it to such a level that it’s safe to walk around the outside of the light at the top!

As we finished our tour of the city for today, and I was regretting the lack of sunset over the ocean, I realized the sunset was still unusual for most of the country because of the silhouette of the palm trees. Palm trees always make it seem warmer, and it was already down to 47!

5 thoughts on “F-f-f-f-freezing in Florida

  1. Awesome!  Love the sunset pic.  And the lighthouse!!!! Up in the 70s here in the Palm Springs area today.  Drove to the Loma Linda area to visit relatives.  I was amazed at how green everything is.  The last few times I’ve visited everything was brown.  They’ve finally gotten enough rain!  It’s beautiful!


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