Beauty and the Beast

A picnic today! We picked up wonderful Greek food in Deland, and found this lovely park and covered shelter just a block away.

And oh my goodness, it’s across the street from our newest favorite place: Buttercup Bakery!

And best of all, Marion met us there following her morning farmer’s market just up the road!

So the twins had two nice ladies with them for lunch, hence “beauty” in the headline. And no, I’m not the “beast”.
Look at that tree. It’s the Beast.

We have passed it countless times since we’ve been parked at Salt Springs. Finally stopped to take its picture, and spent a little time this evening researching it.

Learned several things. First, it’s located in the community of Volusia….which is the second-oldest European settlement in Florida, after nearby St Augustine!

Second, this tree is a southern live oak, as are probably all the live oaks around here….but this one is pictured first on the Wikipedia page for its scientific name: Quercus virginiana!

We’ve been blowing through this little burg without a clue about its place in history!


3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. When you return to beautiful South Carolina you have to plan a day at Angel Oak. It is the most amazing live oak tree around. 🙂 And then you have to visit us!!! So glad you guys are enjoying life! 🙂

    • Oh yes, I read about Angel Oak….arguably the oldest live oak, at 1500 years plus! Another wonderful reason to spend time in that lovely state of yours! We appreciate the offer to visit, and really want to make it happen!

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