More beauty

Robyn took the Nikon this morning…..

Each morning for the past week or so, this lovely boil has been shrouded in steam because the night temperatures have been in the 30s while the water coming out of the spring is 72 degrees.

On the short walk across our campground to the boil….and in its waters or overhead….Robyn has seen bald eagle, osprey, anhinga (look that up!), otter, manatee, heron, wild turkey, black vulture, and other more common animals. What a little Garden of Eden!

And the dogwood is in bloom out the window of our coach!

This campground is soooo unusual for a federal park….we can stay on this site until April 15 if we want. We keep paying for a week at a time….wondering if the weather will get too hot or too humid to be comfortable, or if we’ll have to saddle up and run to Dayton for a February 26 appointment with a nursing supervisor.

Shucks, don’t have to make those decisions today………….

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