Can you spell ornithologist?

Half the birds in North America got the memo: “Everyone meet at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in January.”

Of course, I jest…birds can’t read.

I saw more birds I didn’t recognize at the Refuge than any place I’ve been before!

I apologize for some of the photos….the place is huge and some of the birds stay far away from civilization! The Roseate Spoonbills were the best example, although the feral hog didn’t come any closer (good….see the tusk?)!

We immediately fell in love with the Black Skimmer, but he was alone in the Refuge and exceedingly difficult to photograph! I’ve loaded two photos so you can see his remarkable bill and how he skims along for fish….but neither photo is very good.

Roger, maybe we’ll spend some money for glass that will reach out and touch these birds!

8 thoughts on “Can you spell ornithologist?

  1. Great photos and thanks for the excellent eagle shots the other day. Saw one of our beloved and endangered scrub jays in your collection, we have 30 nesting pairs at Oscar Scherer park and two active Eagle nests. The baby eagle chicks are getting ready to fly and exercising on the edge of their 7′ wide and 3′ deep nest. We set up a 80 power viewing scope on Sundays to help the tourists take a good look. Blessings.TC

    • You’re very kind, Mike! No, I thought they were all worth including, but some are so lacking in definition that I wouldn’t ordinarily use them. The hog and roseatte spoonbills, for example, but they were so remarkable I wanted to share them with you anyway.

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