More big blokes

We’re spending the night with Marion, and leaving in the morning for Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. You’ve seen part of it when viewing Apollo or space shuttle launches…Kennedy Space Center is located in the midst.

It’s also home to myriad species of fowl and land animal, including 21 species considered to be endangered. At this time of year it’s bursting at the seams with migratory birds.

But, I get ahead of myself.

Today on the way down to Marion’s in the Lil Taxi, we detoured a bit to get an update on manatees at Blue Spring boil.

Ho ho ho, 200 of them today! Just in time for tomorrow’s Manatee Festival!

In the first photo below, I think there are about 20 manatees. The long, narrow, dark fish in front are Florida Gar.

The final photo is not just a fun setting for the Lil Taxi. Check out the live oak to the far right, and notice how it has grown around the palm tree! Both trees are hale and hearty!

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