This place is a dump!

Palatka landfill, actually.

If you can imagine, Robyn heard there were eagles at the landfill, so we had to visit!

Oh my goodness, there were at least eight in attendance today, possibly a dozen!

True to form, they occupied the tallest trees, power line posts, and mounds of dirt around the active part of the landfill. And when they swooped down for a bite, nothing rattled them.

Big Michigan loaders pushing and hauling and crushing. Garbage trucks spewing their loads down the embankment. The blizzard of sea gulls, and crowds of vultures.

For me, the scene was utterly incongruous: Bald Eagles in the midst of a mountain of garbage. The king of the skies bellying up to the trough with gulls and vultures. What ignominy!

The eagles might point out their diet frequently includes roadkill. They are also well-known opportunists who steal other animals’ kills or catches. So the ick-factor is already high.

And you’ve gotta admit, they still look mmmmahvelous, dahling.

8 thoughts on “This place is a dump!

  1. Wow! Great pics! Your eagles in Florida are a bit smaller than those that you left behind. Some still think of the southern birds as a subspecies but they really just don’t need to be as stout and hardy as their cold climate cousins. I love the comparison shot with the vultures. Olde Ben argued that they were birds with a questionable disposition because of their opportunistic ways. I knew a kid who grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska and he called them “Garbage Eaters”. (We are heading to Daytona Beach this spring. I wonder if the Garmin can find the nearest landfill.)

    • Thanks, Jim. I was surprised by what seemed to be a different disposition in these birds….they were more willing to countenance each other (and all the other species), although they were ornery about their perches, and there is the one fight over food on the ground pictured here.

  2. I wonder if some of the characteristics you mention here were considered in naming it the American national bird!

  3. ok you win the eagle photo contest What a site to see, too bad it’s in a dump

    On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 11:37 PM, the BigTaxi

  4. Definitely a side of eagles I’ve not known about. Great photos, BTW (the ones without the dump showing, that is!). 🙂

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