Dose boids again

Everywhere we go anywhere near water, Robyn gets out her binoculars to check for birds…mostly bald eagles.

She’s good, too, because she knows eagles’ habits, and can find them when even rangers say they’re not around.

DSC_5098_aShe’s been watching a pair here at our park, but they hang around their nest which is too far away for a photo…although her binoculars can really reach out there.

But this morning she made her usual run in the car at zero dark thirty, but up the road to another place where eagles are reported to hang out.

Oh yes, it’s true….she counted seven!

We went back this evening when the sun was better and spotted three, but only one was close enough for the camera. They’re so beautiful!

10 thoughts on “Dose boids again

  1. Way to go Robyn! It is great to know that you are keeping your eagle watching skills properly honed. Jim and Cindy ask about you, Doug and the boys. I tell them you are all fine and they smile. (At least I think that they are smiling. It’s always hard to tell with eagles.)

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