Now for something completely different

For weeks we’ve been planning to leave our Salt Springs park today and drive to Tampa for a couple days, before going to Marion’s house northeast of Orlando for a couple weeks.

But I’ve told you how much we have been enjoying the park and its surroundings.

So much that we’ve decided to stay put for maybe several weeks more. What’s the rush to move, you know?

BUT, that meant I would miss a huge RV show in Tampa….

And miss connecting with some VERY dear friends from the past who live in Tampa….

Robyn decided she could make it just fine staying with Ross and Ryan in the Big Taxi in that lovely park, and I could hammer down the highway in the Lil Taxi for a day at the show and an evening with friends and a night in a hotel….

She’s a sweetie!

DSC_4596_aI celebrated my arrival in Tampa this evening by taking the advice of another dear friend from the past and catching a meal at Columbia Restaurant. Good call, Tom!

Wikipedia says of the place: “The original Columbia Restaurant [there are now 7 others], located in the historic Ybor City neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, is the oldest continuously operated restaurant in Florida, the oldest Spanish restaurant in the United States, and one of the largest Spanish restaurants in the world with 1,700 seats in 15 dining rooms taking up 52,000 sq ft over an entire city block. Founded in 1905 in, the landmark is still owned by the Hernandez/Gonzmart family.”

DSC_4589_aI was too early for the Flamenco dance performance, but they were practicing!

See, I had to get going because I was only a couple miles from one of the very largest RV dealers in the nation, and I was going window shopping!

Actually, they have all their new and used coaches parked in a huge tree-lined area, all plugged in, slides out, lights on, AC running, and doors unlocked!

Dark while I was there, so no photos. My favorite had a sticker of $584,000. That should explain why I’m window shopping.

Tomorrow should be spectacular….and I have dinner with Randy and Charlotte, and Peter and Cathy!

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