Whoa, that’s not a manatee!

We traveled down to Blue Spring State Park today, because we heard it hosts quite a manatee population this time of year.

Yep, and nope. The ranger at the gate confirmed they had about 300 of the big palookas visiting just a few weeks ago. But not right now…it’s too warm!

Still, figured we’d look around. Really nice place with boardwalks from parking lot across the grounds over to the boil and its run. Massive live oaks with all the Spanish moss.

They even have steps down into the water…how convenient. Look, some large turtles sunning on a log across the run from the steps. What’s that big lump behind the turtles?

DSC_4499_aCan you say alligator?

Turns out there’s one itty bitty sign at water’s edge that says “alligators, no swimming”.

I guess maybe not!

DSC_4513_aSo we stuck to the boardwalk, and hiked up toward the boil called Blue Spring. This park is such a destination for manatees this time of year that there are signs and roped-off areas in the run (not a river, remember?) that serve as “manatee refuges”.

DSC_4521_aNever made it to the boil. Spent too much time along the way! The boardwalk is within arms’ reach of the run, and every 100 feet or so there is a deck out over the water!

And all that Spanish moss….

On our way back to the car, we stopped to verify our toothy friend was still on the log…yep. Then one last look at water’s edge, from the steps that lead right into the water….

6 thoughts on “Whoa, that’s not a manatee!

    • We need you for protection! Actually a bit too warm for us, but scheduled to return to normal next week….and we’re stayin for awhile. Come stay with us again…we miss you guys!

    • Thanks! We’re going back, maybe this weekend, because it’s supposed to get colder here and they should flock to the boil! Catch this: a group of manatees is called….a herd! Who better to spot them, I ask you?

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