Practically her back yard

The park where we’re staying is about 70 miles from Robyn’s sister’s home.

Given the many, many miles we’ve traveled since we last visited Marion, it feels like this is practically her back yard!

Actually, this park has turned out to be a simply wonderful place for us to be right now. Nice site in a quiet camp, very serene surroundings for the coach and for our daily walks, great central spot to explore the upper part of Florida’s peninsula, convenient shopping (even a nearby Trader Joe’s that just opened weeks ago!), AND close enough for Marion to run up and spend time with us!

Oh, and we can stay longer than 14 days here if we like. Very unusual federal park.

These arrangements are just about perfect for us….

4 thoughts on “Practically her back yard

    • Ross and Ryan’s love of riding in a vehicle was the primary reason we decided to live on the road. So we hesitate a little to stay parked in one place very long. At this park we have a number of really nice choices for walking with them several times a day, and lovely choices for trips in the car to different fun locations. We’ll see how long it works to stay here.

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