Way down upon

de Swanee ribber, far, far away….

That’s where we’re hangin for a few days. East of Tallahassee a bit, inland from the Gulf a bit. Right on the banks of the Suwannee River.

DSC_4249_aThis is the actual river in Stephen Foster’s song. Did you know he wrote the song just after moving from Cincinnati? Did you know his brother picked the name of the river from an atlas as he helped Stephen find a river name that rhymed for the song?

DSC_4252_aNevermind that he never saw the river, nevermind his artistic license with the name causes us to mispronounce it….nevermind, because it’s lovely and quiet and we enjoy the swings that overlook the peaceful river.

Rainy day now, so we’re doing catch-up work inside…nice to have full hookups again.

Stats from our journey in 2012: 9600 miles driven in the coach, which is 2600 less than in 2011 (and we didn’t start driving in 2011 until April 12!).

Got better fuel mileage last year, probably because we did more big trips instead of daily short ones and because we ran the diesel generator less due to using power in campgrounds. Total fuel savings paid for the campgrounds….

Stopped longer, and added the Lil Taxi, which allowed for more exploration….much more, like 14,000 miles on the Lil Taxi in six months!

Added four new states visited, all on this current trip: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. REALLY enjoyed the new geography and civilization!

There is potential for some big changes in our arrangements, because the Ohio program that pays for Ross and Ryan’s care is moving from state supervision to the home county. We might see more freedom, or we might see even less. Trying to learn about it this week.

“Dere’s wha my heart is turning ebber,
Dere’s wha de old folks stay.”

2 thoughts on “Way down upon

  1. Such fun facts about the river.  Never knew any of that!   I’m dealing with Greene County trying to get Medicaid all set for 2013.  Not too bad. Just have to wait for Adventist Risk Managements new info for the year.  

    Got the key to the church from Jerry yesterday and went and played the Cassavant for.. hmm. a couple of hours this morning.  Sang and listened to the acoustics.  Straightened the song books.  Added song books where some were missing.  In other words, I took my walk for the day in the church.  Nice and warm! Playing that organ spoils any lessser ones for me.  


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