Friendship is everything

Rich and Laura, the friends who have been with us at this campground and the previous one for the past three weeks, bring to mind that line from Romeo and Juliet: “parting is such sweet sorrow.”

During just the past 12 months, they have become our dear friends partly through coincidence and mostly because of who they are.

The coincidence is that we met at all. We bumped into them a year ago at Christmas in a South Carolina campground and again a week later in a Georgia campground. They invited us up to their farm in Michigan, and this past May we spent 5 days there with them.

We think the photo below gives a good indication of who they are:

We leave tomorrow, heading east toward Orlando. They leave the next day, heading west for New Orleans and Texas. We hope to connect again at their farm in May….to share the experiences of our winter travels, and maybe plan another Christmas meeting somewhere warm!

3 thoughts on “Friendship is everything

  1. The best way to be a good friend is to have good friends to be good friends with. Does this make sense? This is not good bye, but til we meet again. We have many camps to visit and many more flavors of ice cream to eat.
    Readers of this blog know Doug and Robyn, We don’t have to tell anyone what great people they are but just for fun lets all tell them:) jam the blog with ” Greats” Great pictures, great parents , great whatever you think. Spread the word
    We are counting on everyone to help 🙂
    Rich and Laura

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