Sometimes life is merely mundane

We’ve been parked for nearly two weeks in a campground that doesn’t provide a sewer connection at each site.

So we try not to fill up the grey water tank, because we have to upset everything and everyone to unhook from our site and go to the dump station. AND, this place is tight….we have to ask the neighbor across the way to move his truck so we can make the swing onto the camp road.

We also don’t fit well at the dump station, and have to back into it…which can hold up traffic that is leaving the campground while we back. Today, a rig smaller than ours didn’t make the swing while driving into the dump, and HIT a water pipe along the edge….creating a small fountain and causing all water to the campground to be shut off for several hours while it was fixed!

Yesterday was our dump station day. We decided to really make the upheaval count

After extracating the coach from our site, backing into the dump, and doing all the necessary stuff….we pulled into a nearby parking lot, put out one slide, and proceeded to give Ross and Ryan some really nice, l-o-n-g tub baths with all the warm water they wanted! Then we backed 100 yards down the road, into the dump, did it all again, and THEN drove back to our site.


Not very glamorous, but very satisfying.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes life is merely mundane

  1. Had a water main break on Wilmington Pike last night just off of Stroop by the library.  A real shock to turn on the faucet and nothing comes out.  Thankfully they got it back on during the night!  No sewer problems here, Thank GOD!


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