Whoa, here’s some history

We already showed you our brush with ancient history, when the Niña and Pinta replicas floated past us in Alabama.

DSC_3768_aWe ate brunch beside them yesterday! They are anchored on the Pensacola shore for 10 days.

The Pinta is anchored behind me in the picture. It is actually 50% larger than the original, in order to accomodate some educational displays below-deck.

DSC_3777_aBut wait, there’s more…did you know the earliest settlement in America by Europeans was on Santa Rosa Island off-shore from Pensacola? In the early 1500s. It didn’t last, so it tends to be passed over in favor of Jamestown or the Pilgrims.

DSCN1997_aFor our family history, it’s nice to spend Christmas with Jared. Here, he walks with Ryan. The other picture is from Baltimore 11 years ago, of Jared walking with Ross.

Finally, look at the Niña floating by itself below: can you imagine traversing the Atlantic in that authentically small ship?

5 thoughts on “Whoa, here’s some history

  1. Merry Christmas to the crew of The Big Taxi. (Did you know that Nina is Spanish for “Excuse me, you seem to br standing on my foot.” and Pinta means, “Please remove your leg from my trousers.” They were small ships indeed.)

    • How timely! We just got Michelle’s special gift today (long story)! The colors are SO COOL, and Ryan got a BIG GRIN when he felt the whole bundle of stuff! He will be crazy for days….and Ross is having fun tickling his nose with one braid! Their smiles say it all…..Thank You Michelle!

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