At one with nature…

For the past month, our campsites have been close to significant civilization. We’ve probably put 2000 miles on the Lil Taxi as we’ve explored the nearby cities!

But not here….nothing nearby. Not true, there’s actually a Walmart only 3 miles away! Yeah, but that’s it.

What luck! We needed some rest.

DSC_3471_aSo we’ve walked around the campground numerous times each day, soaked up sun, and watched with fascination as the towboats pass with their barges almost within arms reach of where we sit on the river bank.

We had a lot of rain for 24 hours earlier this week, and the river rose nearly two feet. There has been a lot of stuff floating in the flood waters….branches and logs, even great sections of grass with intact wildflowers!

Most amusing have been the egrets who use the floating logs as their platforms for fishing. They often slowly float past us standing backward to the flow!

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