For a couple minutes, we thought our river had brought us pirates!

Rich saw two boats coming down the river, and was so awe-struck that we might soon be boarded, he nearly forgot to get the camera and take a shot or two. As evidence. In case we were killed.

DSCF1767_aTurned out the boats were named Niña and Pinta….replicas of the boats used by Christopher Columbus to discover America! Who knew they were black?

Turns out they are touring America this year and next….and they are heading to our next stop, Pensacola! We’ll try to get pictures on board there.

DSC_3392_aSpeaking of bandits, check out this dickens who climbed out of a tree where we were standing this evening!

1024px-USACE_Demopolis_Lock_and_Dam_TombigbeeWe were standing in the dark beside the river because there had been no barge traffic all day but suddenly there were two tugs (why do they call them tug boats, when they actually PUSH the barges?) with strings of barges right here all jammed up waiting to get through the lock. We’d heard that a tug downstream had broken down and had blocked the channel so no traffic could pass up- or downstream. It looked like the “logjam” had broken and traffic was starting up.

I’ve borrowed an aerial photo from wikipedia to show you the low dam and lock structure. We’re upstream on the same side of the river as the lock, just beyond the bottom of this photo.

The boat pictured below has its spotlight shining ahead to illuminate the structure as it maneuvers into the lock. It has a Christmas tree on the roof out back!

4 thoughts on “Arrrr!

    • Ha! I did a little reading, and find that these boats on rivers with barges should be called TOWBOATS. Tugs are the ones in harbors that maneuver big ships in tight places. The two types of functions also mean they are designed with very different shapes.

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