Too bizarre, we had to leave

Our life on the road is sometimes more interesting than you can imagine…

We stumbled upon one of the so-called “cities of the dead” in New Orleans, and it turned out to be the earliest and most famous. Depending on which story you believe, these above-ground cemeteries began either because the water table in town was so high or because such burial was a common practice in France and Spain where many settlers emigrated from.

121213 cemeteryThe one we visited was the St. Louis #1 cemetery, which opened in 1789. As you can see from the Google Maps satellite view, it’s named for the street along the one side. There are two others farther along that street.

DSC_3238_aMy photo of a “street” inside the cemetery shows some of the range of conditions of the tombs. Some are so old their markings have been worn smooth, but others are brand new (a double tomb was being built while I was there). Some are built like houses, with a chimney out the top! So much more creative than a headstone….

We ate another late lunch in the French Quarter…that was fabulous partly because they make every dish in this town just a little different than anything you’ve ever eaten elsewhere, partly because the ambience was so much fun, partly because we were really, really hungry, and partly because this is New Awlins!

Then we spent half an hour walking four blocks with Ross and Ryan (they were such sweet little troupers, what with the bumpy & narrow sidewalks and all the noise and bustle!) just for a special dessert: bananas foster at Brennan’s, where it was created in 1951. Preparation of the dish is made into a tableside performance as a flambĂ©! Ahhhhh…

And so we left town this morning. Robyn amused herself by taking a photo of me driving. Too bizarre.

5 thoughts on “Too bizarre, we had to leave

  1. Love the travelogue and especially the commentary. Glad you identified the driver as I honestly would not have recognized him!!! I am jealous of all that hair. Everyday mine becomes an easier task for Him to number! In the part of the country you are visiting a wig of most any sort would probably blend right in! Happy trails . . . Trudy

    On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 11:30 PM, the BigTaxi

  2. Hey, Nawlens, is how we say it here in Georgia, and I think you two are the most special people I have ever met. Good for you doing what you are is the full timing going? Keep the postings coming I really enjoy seeing pictures and keeping up with you…God Bless!

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