I’ll have a dozen, please

Yesterday was like the twelve days of Christmas, all in one!

DSC_3159_aWe drove in sunshine across Louisiana to New Orleans. On one stretch of I-10 and another of I-55, we drove for more than 10 miles on a bridge over water!

DSC_3146_aWe parked in a lovely state park with lots of greenery right on the edge of town, on the banks of Lake Cataouatche (“cat-ah-watche-ee”). Drove two blocks to the six-lane road that swept us into town (I’m told it’s not “naw-lins”, but rather “new-aw-lins”).

Headed straight to the French Quarter. Traffic. Tiny streets like Europe. Tight, tight parking. Lil Taxi!

DSC_3231_aAte late lunch at Copelands. Ahhhhhh.

Bourbon Street on a weekday night is manageable, but still nuts!

In the midst of all the commercial chaos, retail smash-and-grab, and high volume live music of the French Quarter: the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France. It has the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States. The cathedral faces Jackson Square, a lovely park that is closed at night; both church and park were specially lit for the holiday season.

And we did it all on 12-12-12.

2 thoughts on “I’ll have a dozen, please

  1. We’ve been there–might even have some of my pictures posted on Facebook in a far-back album–but it was not at Christmastime. This is a great picture.

    • We’re having so much fun! Were only scheduled to be here part of a dy, but made better time getting here…so spending it all exploring…

      Thanks for the kind words on the pic.

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