Speeding right along

Texas knows how to set a speed limit!

We were rolling along on a two-lane road, sight-seeing but also heading toward a destination. It felt right to roll at double-nickel. Then I saw the speed limit sign: 70. Or was that the route number?

By the time I was clear it was the speed limit and could get out my camera, two pickups had blown by me and the road had widened out to four lanes. 70mph?

DSC_2935_aInterstates are 75, and the very limited access toll roads through Austin are 80….and 85 south of town!

Yee haw! I should’ve lived in Texas all my life!

This eastern Texas countryside is so different from the west. The tall trees and other vegetation are like so many eastern states. There are wide open spaces, but they’re grassy pastures for some cows and many horses. The farms (they insist on calling them ranches) are smaller and look to be making much less money than their more western counterparts.

And much more humid, ugh. It adds a haze, like in so many eastern states, that we never noticed until we hit the clear, dry air of central Texas.

We’ve gotta get into Houston before we leave on Tuesday. The fourth most populous city in America.

Last night, as we pulled into a Home Depot just off I-45, we encountered the view below (notice the razor-wire?).

5 thoughts on “Speeding right along

  1. But keep an eye out on those highways for a stray animal. They can be deadly. Many years ago, our son & his wife drove up from Lake Jackson, leaving home after work. On one of the 2-lane highways in the northeastern part of the state, in slightly rolling hills, he drove up over a little hilltop & saw a huge pig just ahead in his lane. With a ditch to the right & an oncoming car to his left, he had no choice but to slow as much as he could & then hit it head-on. His wife had been sleeping. Fortunately, both were wearing seatbelts. The car was totaled. They were very thankful that at the last minute they’d rented a car because their own gave him a backache on long trips. The police officer who came said they were lucky not to both be dead, as a pig is the most solid animal one can hit, worse than a cow. When they suggested the policeman might want to ask nearby farmers if they were missing a pig, he laughed & said, “Right now, no farmer would own that pig.” The pig had sauntered off undazed, but he meant nobody would admit to have one on the loose. The kids were unhurt, found a nearby motel, & in the morning got a replacement rental car & came on. But do be careful.

    • They experienced my greatest fear! If we lived out here I’d mount some special lites for clear view of the berm a long way ahead….which still would not help your son’s circumstance. Wow.

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