Big trees and more

We’re parked in a campground north of Houston, and fascinated to find we’ve returned to the land of big trees!

Ever since we hit the Texas border on I-20, we’ve seen no trees over 20 feet tall. That’s a slight exaggeration, but not much. Some of the Live Oak trees grow tall, but they hide it by being all crooked and spread out. Still, most vegetation from Dallas to San Antonio, and west into the hill country is pretty scraggly.

DSC_2932_aSuddenly, as we drove north of Houston, tall stands of pine and deciduous trees returned to our view. The forest near our campground could be Indiana or Georgia.

Welcome to east Texas.

And busy! As we came into Houston on a Sunday afternoon and turned north…all 10 lanes on our side were full!

20121203_165846_aYesterday we did a little touring of two suburbs: The Woodlands and Vintage Park. A lot of message in those names, eh?

In a small cluster of Vintage Park retail businesses, Ryan spent some time exploring in detail….

The Woodlands has worked a nice waterway into their office buildings/convention center/greenspace/retail center area. They seem to have insisted that developers maintain substantial wooded areas throughout these clusters, not just at decorative points. So the roads are divided by natural growth that nearly obscures the other side, for example.

VERY substantial commercial development throughout the corridor for 40 miles north of Houston. This place is huge.

1 thought on “Big trees and more

  1. You guys are having way too much fun. I must admit I’m a wee bit jealous. So happy for you all and the decision you made to travel like this. Have a Merry Christmas.

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