Grand slam!

We didn’t set out to see the whole place, just SOME of it.

Whew, good thing. San Antonio ain’t some piddly cow-town. I felt like Tiny Elvis all day: “Wow, this place is HUGE!”

DSC_2711_aWe really focused on just two things right downtown: The Alamo, and River Walk. Each is called “the most popular tourist site in Texas” by various authoritative sources. Thought we’d check for ourselves.

DSC_2716_aWe’re fortunate to be able to visit these places on a November weekday when crowds are less. Didn’t want to take the time for a horse-drawn carriage ride, but enjoyed the attention of the driver. Notice Ross’s feet are both off the ground….

DSC_2780_aYou get a real patriotic feeling as you tour The Alamo grounds and read of the heroic feats, and it’s a cool place with all the stone arches and huge shady trees. Really interesting how they’ve preserved the place in the heart of downtown. No admission fee, very low-key, self-guided touring.

DSC_2791_aRiver Walk is the development through the heart of downtown along the banks of the San Antonio River. It is formalized for about 2 1/2 miles, but we concentrated on the several blocks where food is prevalent.

Oh baby, nachos to filet mignon, Asian to Irish, we found everything imaginable and some that wasn’t! Mostly, we wanted a table on the water.

DSC_2818_aWish granted….including the passing ducks who somehow knew a good mark when they saw one. Several hopped out of the channel next to our table to beg for scraps, and one even tugged on Robyn’s pants when she didn’t respond quickly enough! She was naughty and fed a couple.

DSC_2890_aWalking with Ross and Ryan along these narrow passages immediately beside the river, especially as the crowds grew for a Friday evening, was probably the worst thing we could do….but they humored us, and even masterfully navigated several extensive sets of stairs. The only negative occurred when two mariachi bands cranked up within moments of each other across the channel, just as we passed the one. Ross went crazy (and even swung at a player he passed!); it seems the intense sound of the horns in that close environment really bothers him. There was a stairway up to street level right there and we moved up it swiftly!

We had fab food at several places, shopped Texas shirts (printed with “you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas” Davy Crockett), and enjoyed the various holiday lights and decorations along the River Walk. The place wins the top tourist site for us. Home run on this one, grand slam, in fact!

It was time to go: we were weary, the crowds were really increasing, we had an hour drive home, and they LOCK the gate to our campground at 10pm! We got one last look at the city from our parking garage:
A post script: look at the scene out our door this morning:

7 thoughts on “Grand slam!

  1. I’m enjoying these TX reports & sharing them with our kids in TX. Bob & I have been to San Antonio a few times, too, & always enjoy it, especially the River Walk. There are also some great old Spanish missions there. Once we were eating at an Italian restaurant by the river, at an outdoor table, fending off the gulls who wanted scraps. An international chemical convention was in town, & we watched a pair of well-dressed Japanese men with badges from there walk by in their dark suits just as one gull flew over them & left a big deposit on the shoulder of one of them. It caused some consternation. Another time the kids reserved rooms for us for one night in a nice hotel on the Riverwalk, & we enjoyed the swimming pool on the roof.

  2. Concur on SanAntonio, most interesting place in Texas. Their uban development program forbids tearing down structures, only re-hab allowed downtown, it has produced a dozen or so department stores abandoned and some smelly doorways. Glad you enjoyed.Blessings.TC

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