New digs

After two weeks north of Austin in the same little RV park….with almost daily trips SOMEwhere….we were looking for a peaceful, restful, change.

We got it.

A federal campground on Canyon Lake, between Austin and San Antonio, west of I-35 in the midst of hill country, half the sites closed for the winter (winter? it was 75 today!) and half the remaining sites empty…..

Our neighbor three sites over looked familiar….YES, we met them and talked at length with them last March at Defeated Creek, Tennessee! What a small world of fulltimers…

We rested up today, to prepare for a monster run into San Antonio tomorrow. Good grief, we plan to cover the second largest city in Texas in one day! (Seventh largest in the nation.) Not really, but we’ll see what we can see, eat something, shoot some photos (supposed to be overcast, though), walk some and gaze in wide wonder, and drive home in the dark. More time for San Antone next year.

4 thoughts on “New digs

  1. Home from Vancouver and starting the count down to pack up and get out of here. tomorrow in the 50’s , Sun. in the 60’s Why are we leaving??? Because it will snow soon on my 5th wheel and she doesn’t like to be snowed on. See you soon.

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