I can see for miles

We’ve been parked for nearly two weeks on the eastern edge of Georgetown, TX. It seems to be the upper and eastern edge of the hill country.

Our view out the front window of the coach is pointed almost perfectly away from the hills….but it serves to remind us that this state is BIG and with its dry air you can see for MILES.

No traveling today, we rested up from last night’s big adventure (guess who got home after 2am?)!!

We expect to visit LBJ State Park tomorrow. History, longhorn cattle, and bison. And after dark on the way home, a million lights in the trees….

This is a great country.

2 thoughts on “I can see for miles

  1. Good to see scenery is regular. In a state that is trying to secede from the Union and one of its cities-Austin is trying to secede from the state som confusion in the populace is noted. Fortunately in Florida we just have hanging chads and an atmosphere of Flori-dah! Blessings from 80 degrees and much warmth.TC

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