Whoa, he’s a bigun

We’ve been looking for Texas Longhorn cattle since we crossed the border.

Who knew the first one we saw would be pastured alongside the interstate in the front yard of the TECO-Westinghouse world headquarters!

The breed is said to be noteworthy for its gentle disposition. If so, this one was having a really bad day, because he came charging at the fence when I walked up! I’m grateful he was unaware how easily he could have taken down the fence and really made me move.

We had fun connecting with some dear friends from Robyn’s distant past, and she is attending a concert tonight where their daughter will perform. It’ll be guys night at the coach. If we’re all lucky, the boys will sleep!

6 thoughts on “Whoa, he’s a bigun

  1. Seen any oreo cookie cows? These are black on both ends and a white stripe going around the middle. 🙂 Be sure to go to Round Rock and see the round rock in the river and the wagon trail ruts in the river bottom.

    • HA, I’ve seen those cows before somewhere, but not here! Had no clue about those tidbits at Round Rock…maybe look for them tomorrow. Looking like we’ll stay another week cause everything is so much fun!

      • Solado has an old stage coach inn you can eat at. Fredericksburg has “Sunday houses” (farmers had homes on their land but came to town for the weekend to go to church) and lots of neat little shops. (Solado does, too, but there are more at Fredericksburg.) There’s a German restaurant there if you like German food. Another little town that has lots of shops is Wetmore, but don’t tell Robyn if you don’t want her shopping. 🙂 San Antonio has the Alamo and the canal riverboat ride and an old Brewery museum and a Mexican market. Sure you don’t want to stay til spring?! 🙂

    • Ross and Ryan were little angels while Robyn was gone. Went to bed late, but everything was smooth. I spent all evening scouting the map for places to visit and places to stay next time….so many possibilities!

  2. Driving across the lone star state a couple years ago I witnessed three horses running down the center line of I-10. This fellow looks much more formidable! Blessings and do not yell “Stampede”!tc

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