Hill country hype

We’ve been hearing stuff about the Texas hill country around Austin since we first mentioned coming here.

“It’s the jewel of Texas.” “It’s SOOO beautiful you’ll fall in love and never leave.” “It’s a much more wonderful place to spend winter than Florida!”

We finally did a loop today to the west of Georgetown, TX. Covered about 150 miles over to Buchanan Lake and Inks Lake, and down to the town of Marble Falls.

Ooooooooo, we’re sold!

The introductory miles into Texas are mostly impressive for their vastness….the road rolls and rolls, you’ve covered 100 miles, and you’ve got another 100 to go. When you arrive, it looks the same as when you first hit the border! And you’ve got hundreds more you can travel in any direction!

Ahh, but the temp today was 75 degrees, the humidity was low (but you’ll notice a slight haze in some photos and plenty of clouds, so humidity was up a bit), there was a slight breeze, and you just wanted to BREATHE the air!

And hill country finally brings some immediacy to the horizon! Yessir, there were some real humps and dips in the road, and sharp curves as it climbed the hillside.

The second photo today is Inks Lake; it appears to provide loads of fun for the residents whose homes surround it and the campers who fill the state park beside it. And it’s nice for photos.

Although it is quite small, the lake was filled to the brim. That’s interesting, because it is fed by Buchanan Lake, which is much, much larger. And very nearly dry.

The photo of water just barely reaching the boat launch, and backyard docks jutting into thin air (and Ross sitting on a rock that should be 15 feet under water): that’s Buchanan Lake.

Apparently it has a key point or two where sediment has accumulated so much that it blocks the Colorado River from completely filling the lake! One victim of the disappearing lake was a fabulous residential development on a peninsula that pokes way out into the lake. The lighthouse where Ross and Ryan sit was near the end of land, with over 40 lots all marked and ready for building. There were three houses built but only one is occupied.

We had to tear ourselves away from the beautiful countryside as dusk fell. We routed ourselves through Marble Falls to get home, because we heard they had lit an extensive display of holiday lights last weekend. Righto! Ross and Ryan enjoyed the Christmas music as Robyn walked the complete path through the lovely display.

As we passed through another small town, we just had to stop and admire an amazing display of lights around this very large tree. It really was stunning! Notice the name of the company where it’s located?

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