Our interlude

We left the bayous of Louisiana Sunday morning for a long day’s run into Texas.

And we left the interstate behind because a diagonal run cross-country on a four-lane state route would save us a lot of miles getting to Austin.

We ended up in a lovely, and large, campground on a lake that was near….nothing. This is Texas, it has room for everything, with room to spare. We had a campsite that was almost the closest to the lake, but we could just barely see water because there’s so much land.

I’m describing it, because we took no pictures. Took until nearly dark to get there. And shortly after arriving, Ryan had another seizure.

We had enough signal for 911, the squad arrived within minutes, and took him to a hospital 20 miles away.

Ross and I were able to take the Lil Taxi late that night and pick up Robyn and Ryan from the hospital, so we could all spend the night at home….

We spent Monday recovering. Ryan’s fine, and so are we.

Which meant today was a great opportunity to move on and see new stuff. And be near civilization again….outside Waco, TX.

Heyyyy, I can handle civilization like this! Robyn and Ross got in a nice walk before sundown (Ryan was still sleeping…..).

And the wildlife wasn’t waiting until dark to get moving! Robyn spotted a little red fox and three bald eagles!

Our campground is called Airport Park, because it lies along the edge of a small airport. A couple jets took off this evening before dark, but that will be all.

It’s lovely! We have a 180 degree view of water from our site:

3 thoughts on “Our interlude

  1. What is causing these seizures? Are they usually med controlled? Thanks for sharing the scenery. Will be heading to Hilton Head soon but your travelogue travels with us!! Safe journey, friends. Love, Trudy J.

    • Ryan has been diagnosed with seizure disorder for many years, but they are usually controlled by meds. We needed to adjust a psychotropic med months ago, and that seemed to affect his seizure meds. This time, ER found an elevated white count that might have triggered this one….time will tell.

  2. Well, At least it’s a good place to be and 911 was able to get your signal.  Must be a scary thing to go through though.  Goodness!  I’m glad you are able to spend this time with your boys!  MEN!


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