My kingdom for a cell signal!

Oh my goodness, we’ve been having such a riot but haven’t been able to share it with you!

Some people really relish the lack of technology when they go camping….because they’re on vacation. But we’re NOT….we’re doing life! These campgrounds out in the woods that we frequent are often too distant from a Verizon tower to upload photos.

The post on Nov 9 was actually uploaded from my cell phone as I walked the campground looking for enough signal. The pictures were from Friday evening as we landed there.

Couldn’t resist the nuts and seed pods still on the colorful trees outside the coach the next morning!

But look what we found on our Saturday tour!

Lake Bistineau, just south of our lake, offered some fascinating views. At first we were perplexed by the obviously low level of water. While it offered unusual views of the cypress trees and their root clusters that usually bulge at water level [knees], it seemed strange to be low in an area that appeared to be well-watered.

Indeed, we finally found an informed person at the state park who said they had intentionally dropped the water level this past August. The reason? Giant salvinia, an aquatic fern native to Brazil, that had been taking over the lake.

They hope to accomplish some major eradication while the plant is high and dry, and plan to bring the water level back in January.

Pockets of the stuff still flourish. Check out the picture of Robyn and the boys. They’re walking up the boat ramp, and the green carpet behind them is actually a deep channel for boat launching that is choked with the salvinia. It clears for some reason where the channel opens into the lake behind Robyn.

The main boat launch ramps for the lake are located in the state park….but check out the scene. Vegetation has exploded across the exposed land of the lake bottom! To us, it looked like the lake had been dry for years, not just weeks.

You can see on the pillars of the bridge to the left, the dark marks where the water level usually reaches. Still, the odd exposed tree knees make the scene most memorable!

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