Just one more thing, or two….

HA, forgot two photos from yesterday!

How could I forget this warning sign that greeted us immediately after signing in at the gate? We went back to the gate and said “Really?” They said “Not only yes, but Oh Yes! There are LOTS of gators!”

There went any thought of swimming….

And how could I forget this gorgeous cove scene? A lovely mix of colorful deciduous and evergreen trees, the sun illuminating down into the midst of the distant woods, the sky….

Ahhh, today. We moved completely across the state of Mississippi, and pretty well left the rolling hills of the eastern part for the mostly flat western part. Lovely drive, lovely day.

Arrived at our camp just two blocks off the interstate on the banks of the Mississippi River! Pretty dull, though. It’s a grassy lot with concrete slabs for parking. It’s operated by the casino boat that is moored on our side of the river.

We’ll probably be the only rig here tonight whose occupants don’t go to the casino!

We arrived less than an hour before sunset, and I made a quick run to catch a view of the river from the other side so I’d have the setting sun behind me to illuminate the shot with its golden hues.

Riiiiiight. You’d think I was asking for a peek inside Fort Knox. No access to the river from anywhere within 5 miles! I actually drove along the levee that runs on the Louisiana side! Finally caught these cows grazing on the side and top of the levee as the sun disappeared. Will try again tomorrow morning.

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