Make the most of what you have

Everything we have is within arm’s reach, and each item is crucial to our lifestyle. We actually have tossed or given away a number of things that we originally thought we’d need but eventually found we didn’t.

Still, there’s enough stuff to move and stack out of the way when we pull in the slides and tighten up to go on the road. And there are storage containers in the basement (our underneath storage) with things in them we’ve not touched in 18 months. Just waiting for time to go through them….

This new way of traveling we started a year ago still has its adjustments. You’ll recall we originally were moving about 30 miles a day, and very rarely paying to park in a campground. Take the back roads, move slowly, savor the view.

Here we are on a trip that will probably cover 3300 miles over 4 months, which isn’t more miles than before. But we’re doing 200 mile blasts down the interstate in order to get to the next campground for a couple nights, and after nearly two weeks of that, we stop for a month in Texas. We’ll do it again in December and spend 6 or 8 weeks in Florida, then shoot back up to Dayton in late February.

It’s easier on us to travel this way, and we enjoy seeing more detail when we stop. We miss alot, but that just means we’ll have to make some of these brief stopping places the destination for a future trip!

So here we are today, at Okatibbee Lake in Mississippi. Not a big lake, but nicely utilized by the citizens. We have been trying to stay in campgrounds operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, because we like the way they build and operate their campgrounds (big sites, 50amp electric, nice price), and because they’re always located at lakes. Water is good. Check out our site:

It’s interesting that we rarely encounter another major motorhome like ours in these campgrounds. Our types usually park in private campgrounds or RV “resorts” for a month or two at a time. Dreadful places with manicured lawns, no privacy, and swimming pools. We’re not complaining, because it makes more room for us at the lakes! Look at our scenery today!

So we walked the empty parking lots and drank in the full effect of this place. It’s a great way to survive!

9 thoughts on “Make the most of what you have

  1. Congrats on being on the road again agree with all you say. Am volunteering my time and limited skills at Oscar Scherer state park in Florida. In the winter usually around 70-80 and two beautiful beaches a mile away. Dense scrub, eagles and lots of wildlife. Hope to stay til April if we can. Blessings and happy trails.Tom and Joyce Crowl

  2. Doug and all, noted one of your suggested loops will be back to Florida. If near the west coast of Fl at any time advise and Joyce and I will drop over looks like a cool winter but returns to 80 here tomorrow and sunny. Blessings. Tom and Joyce.

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