The farther we go….

….the more things stay the same.

Today we drove south on I-65 from northern Alabama, past Birmingham. It was new territory for me, and probably longer than 35 years for Robyn.

We turned southwest onto I-20/I-59 past Tuscaloosa, and finally pulled off at Meridian, MS for Twiltley (sp!) Branch campground on Okatibbee Lake.

I was struck by the sameness: how the terrain we passed in Alabama looked so much like Ohio, Tennessee, southern Indiana, Georgia…

While it’s true the interstate highways plow across the countryside with their federal formula of pavement, interchanges, and rights-of-way, and thus create a sameness for your immediate view….still, even the city of Birmingham could have been Chattanooga or Indianapolis.

The shopping centers look the same and have the same stores we’ve shopped for years. That brings some comfort, especially if we’re looking for places to eat. But really, I’d rather eat at some truly local place. If we’re in an area for several days, we watch for local restaurants that are really busy, then come back in the middle of a weekday afternoon and eat when the place is quiet!

Still, there does seem to be a small change or two. Here, just a little way into Mississippi, it does seem there is much more water sitting around. The lake at our campground is full, drainage ditches and small ponds have water, and all the foliage looks well-watered. The landscape rolls, without any mountains in the background.

We headed this way to catch warmer weather for the winter months. Good choice so far: 60s and 70s here this week, and sunny. Ahhhh.

We pulled in only shortly before sundown, so haven’t had a chance to explore. Found this egret (?) acting photogenic, so obliged with a shot. More tomorrow!

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