Rollin, rollin, rollin

Last you knew, we were parked in Louisville, heading to Nashville.

Here we are in Alabama, outside Huntsville. The days and miles sure slip away!

I always hesitate to post without photos, and Nashville offered up nothing for the lens. Still, we saw nice stuff and did fun things there, so here goes:

Rested Friday evening when we arrived. On Saturday evening, we headed to Broadway, the main street of downtown Nashville that offers all the places with live music, where we had fun a couple weeks ago when we were here.

HA, on a Saturday night? Fuhgeddaboudit! The sidewalks were wall-to-wall people, and lines of people waited for half a block just to get into the good places.

Thank goodness this is America, and we have CHOICES! We drove over to the Grand Ole Opry and ate supper next door at Rainforest Cafe!

Interesting experience for Ross and Ryan, what with all the noise. Fortunately, they don’t know enough to be scared when an elephant trumpeted right over their shoulders or a leopard roared from a branch overhead. They actually did very well, and really enjoyed the smoothies!

Headed south today toward a campground where we had reservations near Tuscaloosa, AL. Hmmm, got too late a start and we were going to arrive well after dark. Since the last 16 miles were twisty-turny local roads, we were hesitant.

HA, remember? This is America and we have CHOICES! Found a lovely park just off the interstate 20 miles ahead, pulled in, and hooked up!

Ahhhh, let’s not kill ourselves getting to Austin….

2 thoughts on “Rollin, rollin, rollin

  1. Keepin those BIG WHEELS Rollin I see.. Good to Know all is Good, Luv Ya’ll R & M…. BTW: Eagles Busy on the nest again today, Most all day

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