Almost to Dayton

Our trip to Dayton from Florida had several highlights.

We spent 10 days at our favorite Tennessee campground, Defeated Creek. Between Knoxville and Nashville, just north of I-40. Stayed there several times before, but not with the Lil Taxi. This time we did some exploring of the countryside.

Unfortunately for you, as lovely and picturesque as the surrounding many miles of hills and valleys were, we shot nothing. Frankly, I was still recovering from the mental challenges and work of the past months and was simply enjoying our surroundings. It worked!

We had two noteworthy forays into Nashville, and took some pictures on one. The first trip into town was for the purpose of finding live music for the boys. Our lives are never dull, and Ross was presenting a puzzling challenge as we walked from place to place along Broadway and stopped in the doorways to listen. He wanted to listen, but didn’t want to go inside. Ahhh, we finally found his pleasure: a female singer and a loud guitar band! Inside, he shortly was dancing!

Too bad for you again: too dark to shoot! I tried.

We all arrived back at the coach that night almost completely destroyed, we were so tired! The next night when we went back for more music, the boys were still so tired we gave up and went home!

However, we had already stopped at a lovely downtown park. It was humming with joggers and walkers, who used the myriad of paved trails that wind and surround a full scale replica of the Greek Parthenon! The building was constructed as part of the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition. I caught Ross resting in its shadow:

We leave Dayton in the morning to catch one last appointment about the twins near Cincinnati. We will head south to Louisville for the night, as the start of our trip to Austin, TX.

I promise to help you stay with us as we move!

1 thought on “Almost to Dayton

  1. It is definitely time to go to warmer climates.  This cold weather is no fun.  So glad to hear the boys enjoyed the music!  Lots of fun to hear about your adventures!


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