And even more….

We sure ran the wheels off the Lil Taxi while in Florida!

One day we ran clear across the state to the Gulf coast. Drove out to the end of land at Crystal Springs (passed a little dirt road named Hide-A-Way Dr, same as the street where Robyn and I lived for 17 years!).

Living out on a series of islands in the name of peace and tranquility, these people are so exposed to the raw power of nature! They build their homes on one-story stilts because of the Gulf and its storms.

Remember I mentioned how the humidity makes everything grow? Spanish moss grows everywhere. Check out the patches starting to grow on the trunk of this palm tree. We saw long sections hanging from electric wires across the road!

With sundown fast approaching, we reluctantly turned toward home. All day we had encountered heavy clouds overhead that threatened rain but never delivered. Sundown offered a glorious scene as the clouds departed.

Although this jaunt occupied about 250 miles round trip, we really wanted to see more of the left coast.

The perfect opportunity occurred the next week. We heard that Tarpon Springs was an enclave of people of Greek descent, and the town was filled with the best Greek restaurants. Since I missed the Dayton Greek Festival for the first time in 30 years because we were down here, we HAD to make up for it. The reports were correct….fabulous Greek food. Opa!

Celebrated by driving down the coast through Tampa and across Tampa Bay on a cool bridge right near sunset. About 325 miles on this day’s jaunt, and worth every inch!

9 thoughts on “And even more….

  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL picture!! I’ve enjoyed catching up with you and missed your journey entries when there was a long silence. Glad you are all doing okay and enjoying life!

  2. AWWWW, it sounds as if you two are seeing a lot of great things, places and water. I really enjoy all your updates. Keep them comin…keep having fun and living your lives.

  3. Thanks fer the Ride My Friends… Ha Ya didn;t know I rode along did Ya… Sure enjoyed it !!!
    Glad to have seen Ya’ll this Mornin,, and to hear that Toot Toot Toot as Ya past by… Sure Glad Ya’ll are back in town Safely.. Jim n Cindy even Hollered at Ya’ll as Ya past by.. Ha

    Love Ya’ll, Rog n Marcia

  4. Mike’s mom lives in Tarpon Springs! The Sponge Docks are a fun place to visit for wondeful food and fun shops. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Doug, the bridge pic should be on the cover of some high-class magazine.

    Tibby and I are back from two weeks in England. Good trip but we’re trying to kick a cold bug.


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