The reason we went to Florida

Robyn’s sister, Marion, lost her husband without warning in the prime of his life at 56 on July 17.

They had been operating Happy Bee Honey Farm, with many hives on their property and weekly appearances at local farmers markets to sell the amber goodness. It was an operation that not only supported them both financially, but also brought them great joy and satisfaction.

She was suddenly without the love of her life, and she faced the entire load of work and responsibility of their home and business.

So we buzzed down to offer a shoulder and a helping hand for a few weeks.

We stayed for seven weeks! We suffered in the humidity, we worked like slaves, and lived out of suitcases in her house.

Actually, no suffering was involved….we lived and ate like kings and queens, took day trips that provided endless novelty and reward, met up with some very dear friends and classmates from w-a-y long ago, enjoyed the run of Marion’s house (and her master bedroom!), and spent countless hours with Marion as she kept her head above water with everything that was going on!

We liked it so much, we paid an electrician to put in a big 50amp plug on the outside of Marion’s house, and bought two huge extension cords, so we could park the Taxi on her property (you have to run the AC even when the coach is empty, otherwise it gets so hot sitting outside that things melt inside).

So when we go back this Christmas and into January….during high tourist season….not only will we have a reserved place to park, but we won’t pay those incredible high season prices!

Just a few pictures tonight, of the pair of rather tame sandhill cranes that come and go on her property (they almost constantly make such a weird kind of rattling sound), of Marion working with her hives, and of Marion selling honey at one of the markets:

7 thoughts on “The reason we went to Florida

  1. It’s amazing that she could keep going at such a time, with so much work involved. I’m sure your help was greatly appreciated. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. I’m so very sorry for her loss. I can’t help but notice the striking resemblance between the sisters! 🙂 Also love the market picture with the Montego Bay Bakery behind her… with my hubby being from Jamaica, seeing that flag always makes us smile. Looks like lots of goodies he would appreciate!

    • HA, nice catch! I noticed the other booth briefly, but was so concentrating on the shot that I never caught the flag! Check out the photo in the next post to compare the sisters….

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. Joyce,the pups and I will be headed for Oscar Scherer state park just south of Sarasota on 10/31 for a couple month stay as camp hosts. Hope the honey business continues. Blessings,TC.

  4. Im so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. We had a sudden death of close family member in September and is has been very jarring to everyone. I am glad that you are back on the road and that you are doing well!!!! It was good to see your post.

  5. Thank you for all the kind condolences; we will make sure Marion hears them. “Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” Other than that, we had a wonderful time in Florida, and will be back in a few months.

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