What remarkable beauty!

So we arrived in Geneva, FL in mid-August.

Everyone not in Florida talks admiringly about the temperatures in Florida. Yeah, but we went there in summer when the average high for August is 92.

But it’s 86 for Dayton. No, the real point to pay attention to is the humidity. Oh baby, it’s a sauna every day in Florida!

And no point in washing the car, because it will rain later today. Oh, and Love Bugs….don’t get me started about those little devils and the mess they make on the car.

Okay, so do you get anything for all this suffering?

Yep, everything grows.

Look at this incredible oak tree: not only is it massive, not only is it completely festooned with Spanish Moss, every branch is covered with a thick blanket of ivy!

Just across the coastline highway from this tree and its brethren (and cistern?) the beach was strewn with these remarkable rocks. V-e-r-y rare along the Atlantic coastline in Florida. We were only a few miles north of Daytona Beach where everyone can drive on the sandy beaches.

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