Our progress south in August….

We were actually headed to Robyn’s sister’s place in Geneva, FL…between Orlando and Daytona Beach….because her husband died suddenly. Marion, her sister, was planning a memorial/celebration of life service in about a month, so we took the scenic route to her place.

We headed to Sharon’s place in Albemarle, NC for a few days, but stopped for the weekend at a campground near Asheville. Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway…hence the mountaintop photo. Although they’re a dime a dozen, and these shots across the hills and valleys barely do justice to the actual scene, they still portray such magnificent vistas and stunning scenery!

We tried to get over to Chimney Rock, but were running too late to catch it in daylight, so simply drove past and gazed up in wonder. Sun was mostly behind it, so not even a photo….

However, we found ourselves at Lake Lure on a lovely day, and walked some short trails along the water’s edge. Time out for a photo….

Landed at Sharon’s for several days of R&R. Inside joke: Ross & Ryan. We always eat like kings & queens, mostly on great stuff from her garden.

It’s just so hot in the summer….

So we headed farther south.

Need our heads examined.

1 thought on “Our progress south in August….

  1. It’s good to see your reports back again. We were in China for 6.5 weeks, got back 3 weeks ago, & weren’t sure if you hadn’t posted or if we just hadn’t gotten it.

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