You guys are the greatest!

Oh my goodness, we have been living life to the fullest….right up to our eyeballs just about every single day.

And we’ve not shared any of the fun with you, I’m ashamed to say. I keep hearing from one or the other of you that you’ve missed our contacts, and the site statistics show a faithful few checking every day.

I’m so humbled.

We’ll try to catch you up in the next couple days….

You knew we were in Florida, but we leaped there without sharing some pics and info from along the way.

Sooooooo, starting back in Dayton, before we left in early August, the boys got in a good walk (and sit) at Cox Arboretum.

We took the scenic route to their mom’s in North Carolina….by way of Lexington, KY. We stayed one night on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park. There was a dressage event in one of the event halls, while polo was being played on a nearby field.

What a great time! And a fabulous sunset to top it off.

As we continued southward, we took another scenic stop….outside Knoxville, TN. Lovely state park at Norris Dam. Well, the park was tight for the Big Taxi, but situated in lovely surroundings that got us the photo of the dam AND the interesting shot below the dam of fog accumulating on the outflow. It occurs because the water released from the dam is from the bottom of its lake, and is very cold. The small pool formed by the weir (very low dam) slows it down, and voilà, fog.

These photos are the result of having the Lil Taxi. It seemed we drove it more miles than the coach! Part of it was the sheer novelty, and part of it was still shaking off the claustrophobia of our confinement in Dayton. We had been parked for weeks in the great metropolis, unable to do much of anything because Ryan was a wild man, because it was too blooming hot to be outside, and because we had numerous appointments connected with changing nursing agencies and buying the car and medical appointments for the boys.

So we couldn’t help ourselves, and finished the tour of the countryside by running about 50 miles into Knoxville…catching the 1982 World’s Fair Park right at sunset.

7 thoughts on “You guys are the greatest!

  1. Have truly missed your postings! Enjoy the accounts of your ramblings, your family happenings, and the pictures that add so much to the words. Make for great vicarious adventure!! Thanks.

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