They’re like animals around here….

No, not the people. They drive courteously, have fun restaurants, and are very creative with their city planning and individual homes.

The real animals. We’ve been told there are black bears in some of the inland areas near us. And I have to get a shot of the pair of sandhill cranes that clack-clack-clack around Marion’s house.

There are little lizards running up the sides of buildings everywhere we go! This little sweetie was a different species than we normally see; he was out in the wild at a campground we toured. The ones around houses look more sleek and cute.

Ah, but then there was the BIG surprise at another campground we toured! Can you say diamondback rattler? About 4 feet long and pretty aggressive! Fortunately, we met him in the parking lot while still in the car, so kept driving!

That same day, we ran across the absolute sweetest scene. Down a tiny road off the beaten path in a hilly section inland, we crested a hill and saw this doe and her little fawn right in the middle of the road. The mother saw us but stayed put as we stopped, but the fawn turned around and started nursing! The photo is terrible because I shot through the windshield rather than make any movement outside the car.

Robyn has spotted several bald eagles just up the road from where we’re staying, and finally today we saw one near the road when the light was good and we had the camera. He was caaaaaalling to someone!

3 thoughts on “They’re like animals around here….

  1. Glad to see you are back online. Great nature photos (yes, even the snake). Loved the pictures of the boys at the ocean, too — they certainly had fun! Please tell Marion I’m very sorry about her loss. How hard it must be to lose the one you love. 😦

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