Our apologies…..

We have taken sore advantage of your kind support by not posting for ages!

I’m so sorry.

From the “Here we are!” tab above, you can see that we are still in the Dayton area….despite the list under the “What’s next?” tab of places in Missouri and Illinois we should have visited by now.

We have not been having a fun time, but it probably is not what you think.

Indeed, Ryan has been a huge challenge as he has responded to changes in his meds. Managing him has taken nearly all our time (Ross can be such a sweetie!), and so we haven’t been in contact with so many of you right here in Dayton! The reasons for his issues seem to be clearer, and we think resolution is at hand, but we’ll probably continue to hang here near his docs (and add another one) for a bit longer.

We’ve bought a car!

Oh my goodness, I hear sighs, I hear gasps, I hear “I told you so!”

At least we’re not suffering while parked in the coach on some parking lot in this 104 degree heat! We have a decent, shaded, 50amp full hookup site just across Route 4 from Eastwood Lake Metropark (where the Dayton Bald Eagles have their nest!), and we’re treating the coach like our house. We jump in the car and go where we want just like real people!

Too rushed for photos right now. Still unsettled about when we’ll take off and where we’ll go. But you, our dear friends, will hear our plans just as soon as they develop….which might still be weeks away.