Oh baby!

Sorry, this post was prepared several days ago, but was interrupted….

by a weak cell signal to upload these photos,

and then Ryan had another big seizure right at bedtime, squad took him and Robyn to the nearby hospital, Ross and I got up at 6 the next morning and picked them up, and we drove on our way to Pokagon State Park in Indiana. Ryan took another day to get all the ER meds out of his system, and he’s been sleeping it off for about 24 hours now. We’re adjusting his meds some more….

So, here’s the post that was ready to go, waiting for photos:

(Titled: This is a resort, not a campground!)

Missy, you were right: Maumee Bay State Park probably has no peer within 400 miles!

Your first clue…..as you drive up….is the golf course out front. Then *The Lodge* which is NOT done up in huge timbers and a shake roof. It is the headquarters for a resort and conference center. “Cottages”, along the shore but back in the woods on one side of the drive and backed up to the golf course on the other, could hold their own in a Colorado ski village. This park is modern, built from scratch in the 1970s over what used to be called Black Swamp.

The nice people here loaned us the huge golf cart for awhile today; it sure helped us cover some of the vast distances involved for proper exploration!

Yesterday, Robyn caught the Magnolia Warbler while on another walk with Carolyn G. Today, I caught the patriotic Barn Swallow.

We leave tomorrow for Pokagon State Park in Indiana. Parting will be sweet sorrow….we’ll miss the constant bird songs, but we’ll be closer to setting foot in Michigan!

A nice new loop

We’ve started a one-month loop that will take us into Michigan for the first time in more than six months.

Ahhhh, but first we spend 4 days in Maumee Bay State Park in the middle of “The Biggest Week in American Birding”. It’s actually 10 days.

Birders come from all over to this part of Ohio’s Lake Erie coastline, because the migrating birds congregate before taking the shortest hop across Lake Erie due to the geography here and in Canada directly across.

Our dear friend and avid/accomplished birder, Carolyn G picked up Robyn this morning at our campsite and gave her a personal tour of several key areas. The varied terrain of woods, marshes, beach, and acres of shrubbery provide cover for countless species. Mind you, the birds don’t just jump out and stand on the pathway waiting to be noticed! Carolyn’s experienced eyes and ears (and binoculars) found them time and again, and Robyn struggled to see half. She also struggled to photograph the lovely and uncommon ones they encountered (“if they’d only sit closer to the path and sit still!“).

We have one shot to share, of a Prothonotary Warbler, if memory serves correctly.

Maybe tomorrow will bring more photo success!

We’re camped nearly on the beach, so we spent some time this evening along the shore. Oh my goodness, Robyn found some large driftwood that was caught over-and-under so it was springy. As you can see, Ross found it greatly entertaining!

You have to understand Ryan’s major need for stability to appreciate his great reluctance to enjoy this experience! It might have been different for him if he’d started the bouncing rather than encountering after Ross, or maybe he would have become accustomed to it and begun to enjoy the exhilaration. We’ll never know, because rain started to splatter…..

World, meet Micah Wayne Barton

A number of you know my niece, Nikki. This is her sweet son, born this morning at 9:08! My brother’s first grandchild.

We awoke this morning in Kokomo, intending to head to Dayton for the weekend, but learned of this bundle of joy shortly after his birth. We immediately changed our plan, and drove straight to the hospital in Florence, KY. We’re able to park overnight here, so will head up to Dayton tomorrow….after one last look at Micah and mom!