A new friend

Ryan met a new friend the other day, and was transfixed by the experience….check it out.

Actually, Adel, the mother on the right, is the daughter of a long-time dear friend of Robyn’s. Adel introduced her sweet son to Ryan by engaging in Ryan’s exploration of the parking lot surface outside our coach. They each found treasures that were then carefully passed from one hand to another so all could appreciate their significance!

We met Adel, her husband, Jose, and their two children while parked at Andrews University, where he’s a student.

Ryan’s been having a poor response to a medication change, and so we’ve been limiting our interactions with others. With the super-warm weather for a few days, we moved on to Mishawaka where we could spend time in the air conditioned mall and a couple of large stores (and park in their lots). On our way to some work scheduled south of Elkhart to spiff-up a couple things on the coach.

4 thoughts on “A new friend

  1. I wonder if you’re still in Mishawaka or have moved on to Elkhart today. I’m going to Mishawaka for some shopping in a few minutes, so will keep an eye out for the coach in the big-store parking lots.

  2. It was so lovely to visit with you all, and so special to interact with the boys (and for my boys to interact with yours). We finally have internet so we can keep up with you! God bless in your travels!

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