Taken back in time

You understand, Robyn and I met while in high school on the campus of Andrews University, in Berrien Springs, MI. It was a long time ago….we enjoy the nostalgia.

Our plan to park this weekend in front of a home of friends off campus had to change, because we simply were too long and too tall to fit. At the suggestion of Gary B, who works on the edge of campus in the Adventist headquarters building for the Lake Union Conference, we ended up parking out behind their building.

How little did he know the significance of that spot.

The photo below shows the coach in the center, way in the distance. Right in front of the camera, in the nice green space between the trees, once stood the home I lived in for four years just after we moved here as I started first grade. That was 52 years ago!

This space, and more land to the right, have become the front entrance to the university.

It’s been a lot of fun to sit in our coach and gaze across the road to the beautiful spot that was my home more than a half-century ago….

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