There’s a trend here….

Just when you think you might die, along comes good fortune. Ha, make that wonderful fortune!

The trend is that we’re parked in a campsite along the Michigan coast for the third night in a row, right on the sandy beach in view of a lighthouse for the second night in a row!

Nice trend.

The reason we thought we might die, is because the weather in this Great State of Michigan is notoriously changeable (“if you don’t like the Michigan weather, just wait 10 minutes”) and we’ve gone from 66 on Tuesday to a predicted 90 degrees today!

Ahhhh, but the shoreline can be a really great place on a hot day….with a nice breeze.

Yeah, how about 20-30 mph winds! Whew, saved.

Another great channel to walk along, another great boardwalk, another pretty harbor, more sand in our toes, more boats burbling past. Yep, nice trend.

We’ll head over to Andrews University tomorrow, probably park out in front of the home of our old Dayton friends Gary & Maryann B on Ridge Ave….who won’t be there, but it’s the thought that counts!

But we’re not done with The Great Lake….we plan to catch the lighthouse and pier at St Joseph before we leave these parts!

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