Deja vu all over again

If you look back on this blog to May 12 of last year, you will find this same picture there….we really like Dairy Treats and Grand Haven!

Thank you Michigan for a glorious day! About 72, sunny, breezy, and we were in Grand Haven!

Simply parked at the curb downtown, got an olive burger for lunch, said hi to Marcia H at work (a friend from grade school!), pulled out the push chairs, and started down the lovely boardwalk alongside the channel to Lake Michigan.


We pushed the boys, they walked some, we stopped so they could enjoy the sand, we went way out on the pier where the concrete deteriorates and the ride gets plenty bumpy in the chairs. It was great.

On the way back, we stopped in the campground office to see if they might have an open site for just one night, here at the early start of the holiday weekend. They did! We took it!

Check out our campsite!

Of course, we hope tomorrow to get down to Holland and get a spot for the night in their beach-front campground….oh my goodness, how much more of this can we take?

It’s actually pretty silly, because the “campground” in both cases is just pavement along the beach, without shade or anything resembling a park. But there’s sure a lot of SAND, and lots of LAKE.

It’s a digression from our usual, and we’re having fun! (Look at the grin on Ross in the final photo.)

4 thoughts on “Deja vu all over again

  1. I am sending a duplicate reply. I am ordering a T-shirt that says:
    “The Lake is Calling And I Must Go” Thought you’d appreciate that! Nancy

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