A rollercoaster

What a day!

We woke up feeling a bit blue, because we faced leaving Rich & Laura and their estate, and moving on. They’ve been so much fun!

And to make that point even more obvious, Laura had to play one more joke. We’d been talking with them for days about why we don’t have a car-in-tow, or “toad” in RV lingo, but why we have been considering one. Laura had an idea this morning and ran into town. She bought the little figure, made his little sign, and put it on our back ladder! She caught me and said I should look at something on the back of the coach.

Youuuuuuuu little trickster!

So sad to leave….but what a send-off.

The tears were short-lived, because we were heading to Lake Michigan. We’ve not seen it in more than six months. Check out the photos of our day along the shore in Muskegon.

Chilly 60s. Strong breeze on-shore. Mostly sunny. Mostly we were alone on the beach.

The capper came when Robyn inquired and was given permission for us to park in the lot of a private marina. We’re parked facing Muskegon Lake, just over the sand dunes from Lake Michigan!


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