Now we’re having fun!

We had a good time at the Spartan Chassis factory…..if you can have fun parked in a large parking lot at night gazing out across a large gravel lot, sitting in a customer waiting room all day while they work on the coach, waiting to find out what other maintenance needs to be done, and waiting for the bill.

No, really, we did have a good time, because we had fun with other customers as we traded stories of our travels, there were plenty of nice parking lots to walk with Ross & Ryan and the weather was wonderful, and the coach is good to go for another year (and it’s even more smooth to drive because of the work).

But the best part was leaving!

We enjoy driving across Michigan, as flat and boring as it can be, because it brings back fond memories for Robyn and me of our early days together, and because it brings us back in touch with dear friends from long ago.

And dear friends from short ago: we left Spartan to head to the farm of Rich and Laura, campers we met Christmas Day along the ocean in South Carolina and again in Georgia. She brought us freshly baked cookies, and he brought us freshly cut and split firewood! We had a riot with them for several weeks this past winter, and they invited us to stop by their farm in Coopersville, MI whenever we could.

We were a little concerned about finding their place, because Google Maps was showing us the middle of a field for their address!

We needn’t have worried….Rich & Laura took good care with their directions:

So here we are, and just look at their back yard!

Laura even had some whimsy for us (we needed a much larger table for all the food we ate!).

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