Ahoy, matey, loosen the lanyards, tighten the jib!

We’ve been parked for several weeks in a campground that includes a marina. That rents pontoon boats.

We finally bit….ohhhh, what a mistake.

It was soooo much fun!

What a wonderful distraction! Actually, this is what we do….things that occupy and interest the twins, that help them explore their environment, and amuse all of us, if possible.

We really weren’t sure how this would work, however. There were any number of things that could really bother Ross and Ryan, and completely sidetrack the whole event. But the nice marina people really worked with us to alleviate the issues, the weather and water conditions were perfect, and Ross and Ryan were in very cooperative moods.

It was perfect!

Actually, what makes it a distraction is that we liked it so much we’ve actually considered buying one of these boats to haul around to all these Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds we visit, so we can go yachting….I mean boating….all the time!


Back on terra firma (literally and figuratively), we’ve been having a grand time with all the fabulous new vegetation. Check out the Trumpet Vine that grows wild. Around here it’s also known as Cow Itch Vine. If you look real carefully at the turtle photo, you’ll see 3 of them on that log!

We have really enjoyed this campground because of its lovely grounds, and will spend an extra 9 days here instead of spending the time at our next stop. Which is saying a lot, because the next stop is at the north end of Land Between the Lakes, in western Kentucky, near where it bumps against Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois. It, too, is lovely, but we’ll have to come back and do it justice some other time. Just two days this time; leave here Sunday.